Teddy Gottsegen

Jazz, Swing, Gypsy Guitar

"A True american Gypsy! Ambassador and pioneer of the style in america!"



While not of Gypsy descent, Teddy Gottsegen (Got-say-ɡen) has been active participant in the international Gypsy Swing scene for 15 years. A professional jazz guitarist with a Masters in Music degree from The Conservatory at Purchase College who has toured in 30 U.S. States, three Canadian provinces and 8 different countries including the Middle East through the U.S. State Department. My specialty is pre-war jazz from all acoustic string jazz a’la Django Reinhardt to big and small band swing for dancers.  

Some of the groups I’ve performed and/or recorded with:

  • Dallas Baumgartner

  • The Baby Soda Jazz Band

  • Dan Levinson’s Swing Wing and Fête Manouche

  • Vince Giordano & His Nighthawks

  • Bria Skonberg & Her Hot 5

  • Gordon Webster

  • Michael Arenella’s Dreamland Orchestra

  • Dorado, Samson & Tchavolo Schmitt

  • Kruno

  • Denis Chang

  • Aurore Voilque

  • Lollo Meier

  • Pierre Blanchard

  • Ludovic Beier

  • Andreas Oberg

  • Curtis Stigers

  • Jean-Philippe Watremez

  • Moreno Winterstein

  • Darko Andelkovic

  • Dick Miller

 I’m currently fronting my own group varying in size from 2-7 pieces.