Teddy G

Jazz, Swing, Gypsy Guitar

"A True american Gypsy! Ambassador and pioneer of the style in america!"



While not of Gypsy descent, Teddy Gottsegen (Got-say-ɡen) has been active as a journeyman guitarist for 15 years. The New York native got his start in Seattle, WA in 2001 playing locally with a variety of acts performing swing based jazz music, touring and recording Big Band Jazz with the Solomon Douglas Swingtett. He was also asked to join reedman Hamilton Carson for a three year weekly residency at Seattle’s famed New Orleans Creole Restaurant in a band that included jazz legends Buddy Catlett and Bob Hammer. This is also where he dedicated himself to the sound, style and music of his idol, Django Reinhardt. There he helped create and became house band performer at the father of all Django inspired festivals, Djangofest Northwest. He also toured and played with Andreas Oberg, Philadelphia’s Kruno Spisic, Patrick Saussois and others. 


Through happenstance While attending the Festival Django Reinhardt; held annually in Samois-Sur-Seine, France, a travel related delay led to a performance on the festival main stage with German born Sinti Wawau (Wow-wow) Adler, in addition to another performance the following evening with Andreas Oberg.


2007 brought a return to New York City and led subsequent work with the Baby Soda, Dan Levinson’s Swing Wing, Vince Giordano & His Nighthawks, Bria Skonberg, Gordon Webster, Michael Arenella’s Dreamland Orchestra, Dorado, Samson & Tchavolo Schmitt, Aurore Voilque, Lollo Meier, Pierre Blanchard, Ludovic Beier, Andreas Oberg, Joel Frahm, Terrell Stafford, Curtis Stigers. 2010 brought him to Paris for an extended stay for an emersion in Gypsy Jazz music in the styles historic center where he performed with Jean-Philippe Watremez, Moreno Winterstein, Darko Andelkovic and Dick Miller. Upon returning to the US, he continued playing and touring the country and was a founding member of Svetlana and The Delancey Five.


He returned to France in 2015 where he lived in a caravan in a gypsy camp with the Baumgartner family; the family of Django Reinhardt’s first son Lousson where he recorded a soon-to-be-released album with Dallas Baumgartner and 2016 continued his association with Robin Nolan on a tour throughout the northeast and midwest. He has performed in 8 countries, 30 US States and three Canadian Provinces and continues to work around the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas.